About Pelham Falls

Pelham FallsPelham Falls is a mature, yet youthful community on the eastern side of Greenville County, South Carolina. Filled with hickory trees, Bradford pears, weeping willows, dogwoods, and crepe myrtles, the neighborhood is set on gentle hills that slope toward the Enoree River. Gracing much of the perimeter of the neighborhood are manicured, yet natural paths that border both the Enoree River and Rocky Creek. Homeowners who live along the path, and the many who walk or ride the paths every day, have seen an incredible array of wildlife – Great Blue Heron, Mallard, wood ducks and their ducklings, fish and beaver to mention just a few. There is a sandy beach and natural rock outcroppings, as well as waterfalls, sluices, and calm, pond-like areas.

The residents of Pelham Falls come from as far away as Japan, Germany and France, but also include native Greenvillians and people from all over the United States,  all of whom have chosen this amiable and well-located area to call home. This diversity makes for lively and enduring friendships, sometimes long after a relocation moves a family away from Pelham Falls. Some families, however, have chosen to relocate within Pelham Falls, choosing to upgrade yet maintain their close connection with our small community. Gatherings abound in Pelham Falls, for kids, adults and families, in organized settings and informal gatherings. Families depend on one another. “Neighbors and friends” become the synonyms we use to describe others who share life in Pelham Falls.